Phased Antenna Arrays based on Liquid Crystals

Phased antenna arrays are critically dependent on the phase shifter components.

In its simplest form  a phase shifter is realized through a delay line or other circuit approaches that

can affect the phase. There are considerable difficulties to achieve broadband performance

A novel approach is to take advantage of Liquid Crystals (LC) that can alter their permittivity with an

external voltage and are excellent in broadband performance.

This method has been exploited by Alcan Systems, a spin-off from TU Darmstadt, Germany

to offer antennas that could also be suitable for mobile satellite communications.

A blog on mobile satellite communications

This blog will cover developments in the field of mobile satellite communications that carry the promise of broadband Internet everywhere.  News about new systems and components such as antennas will find room in this blog.

Antennas for mobile satcom terminals

 This week I will start reviewing antenna product proposals by companies in the field.

There are several out there. I will start with Kymeta, a start up company that has attracted a lot of attention.

Kymeta offers a planar phased array based on metamaterials. It originates on research done at Duke University (USA). Presumably, each antenna element is loaded with a metamaterial cell unit whose response can be controlled externally electronically.

More at Kymeta website.